Filippas Engel (Filippa´s Angel) is a foundation focused on the youth of today.


Every year in autumn, Filippas Engel gives out prizes to young people in Europe who help others in extraordinary ways, whether it’s in the social, environmental, or cultural field.


The foundation was set up in 2003 by the Don Bosco Foundation Center. In the past 14 years there have been many winners of the awards, the so-called “angels”: young people who care about society and their fellow human beings and who are committed to their goals and projects with all their creativity, abilities and strengths.

Therefore, every year in Bendorf-Sayn (Germany), Filippas Engel gives out prizes to these incredible people.



The prize consists of a small “angel of Filippa” statue and between €500 and €5.000.

In the past years, Filippas Engel was able to give out €316.750 to 160 winners (including 7 special prizes for deserving supporters). Winners have come from over 11 European countries and have made a difference in 44 countries worldwide. 


Receivers of the prize can either be groups or individuals who are below 30 years of age and based in Europe. Anyone can recommend a young person or group of people for the prize.

The recommendation needs to be followed up by a letter of support by an institution or official entity that is not involved in the project in any way (ex. of valid institutions: schools, universities, municipality, etc.)


The winners are chosen by a board of judges, predominantly family friends or relatives of Filippa. By doing this, they are able to grant Filippa her wish:

“I want my life to be of use to others”.

Or check out some of our past winners here!

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