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 filippas ENGEL: THE BOOK

Filippa's diaries

At the age of 8, Filippa begins her first diary and learns early to put her feelings and insights into words. She is born into an important princely house, but like every other girl she wants to discover her own way in life.


In her diary she writes thoughtfully and witty, exciting and touching of her search for the great love, for fulfilled relationships and for God.

Filippa talks about what makes her happy, what she experiences with her friends and how she finds her place in the world. The search for oneself and one's own life's journey becomes immediately and authentically comprehensible for the reader.


This book is a collection of extracts from Filippa's diaries, pictures and comments by Filippa's family and friends.

It is available on Amazon in three languages: German, Italian and Spanish.


  • Filippas Engel, Aus den Tagebüchern von Filippa Sayn-Wittgenstein, DBV – Don Bosco Verlag, mit Vorwort von Kardinal Christoph von Schönborn OP. Available here

  • Taschenbuch - Heyne-Verlag. Available here

An audio CD is also available in German here


L’angelo di Filippa, Effatà Editrice. Available here


El Ángel de Filippa, Ediciones Palabra. Available here

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