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20 years Filippas engel


Anika Spira (20)

Grand Prize Filippas Engel

Anika Spira (20) is researching and working with specialist companies to develop a heat-conductive scoliosis corset to relieve the pain of spinal curvature caused by an often unbearable build-up of heat.

Buddy Jula_EM-Aktion 2021_Credit_HerzCaspar e.V..JPEG

xenia von Schiller (27) & Herzcaspar Buddies

Grand Prize Filippas Engel

Xenia Scheller (27) & and the HerzCaspsar Buddies make a major contribution to combating the loneliness of young adults in hospitals and providing variety in everyday hospital life with colourful and varied activities.


Sierra Leone Hockey Team & Tatjana Hoesch (24)

Grand Prize Filippas Engel

The Sierra Leone Hockey team is fighting corruption and a lack of infrastructure, coaches and playgrounds to achieve an ambitious goal: To enable children and young people to participate in the Hockey Africa Cup of Nations before the decade's end.


Diana Shevchuk (17)

Main Prize

Diana Shevchuk (17) shows from youth on extraordinary sacrifice for people in eastern Ukraine, in defence of the country and to make the tense war situation more bearable for especially affected children.


Chiara Sterzl (25) und Lena Daur (27) 

Main Prize

Chiara Sterzl (25) and Lena Daur (27) offer a new form of grief support with "Schwer Okay" through events and activities. The goal is to enable individual grief counselling to help people find their way back into life (e.g., a sunrise hike).

Rucksack Aktion (3).jpeg

Alexandra Mihai (26)

Main Prize

Alexandra Mihai (26) helps according to the motto "Language is the key to integration", together with 30 volunteers in the "Mainzer Sprachbrücke" Ukrainian refugees to learn German quickly and easily and to gain a foothold here.

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