"I want my life to be of use to others"

Filippa Sayn-Wittgenstein grew up as the fourth of seven siblings in Sayn, near Koblenz on Rhine. In 2001, a few months after her marriage to Vittorio Mazzetti d’Albertis, with whom she lived in Italy at that time, she tragically died in a car accident in England, at only 21 years old.

A short time after, her parents Alexander and Gabriela Sayn-Wittgenstein found her diaries. After long debate, the parents, siblings and husband came to the decision to publish some excerpts of these diaries, due to the fact that they believed that Filippa’s thoughts and ideas would be of help or inspiration to other young people in their daily lives.


In her diaries, Filippa depicts her thoughts on life, what love meant to her, her attachment to her family, and God's role in her life.

The Salesian Priest of Sayn who had baptised Filippa recommended publishing the book with the Don Bosco Publishing house. This would ensure that their daughter’s legacy was not commercialised.

With the proceeds of the book, which sold incredibly quickly, the family, together with the Don Bosco Center of Foundations, established the foundation in her name.


On the inside of one of her diaries’ covers Filippa had sketched a small, cheeky angel: both the foundation’s and the prize’s name and logo was born.

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